General mindset

General mindset

What are the principles that guide our lifestyle? I’m talking here about people who don’t have to worry about their basic needs and enjoy more or less prosperity. It is mostly about comfort, convenience, pleasure and security. We want to experience a lot, travel and own beautiful things that we often don’t even need.

We buy clothes that we hardly wear, in the worst case we buy the stuff only for one event and then never wear it again. Or every year the new jersey of the favorite football club.

When we think about what we want to eat, we don’t think about the need for energy and protein and how best to meet that. Or what’s healthiest. We think about what we feel like eating. We also don’t think about how much rainforest is being destroyed for our greed for animal products. No, we just dig into whatever comes to mind.

When we consider whether to travel by car or train, we don’t think about emissions, we think about speed, flexibility and convenience. There are endless examples that show me again and again that we either haven’t understood what we are doing with our actions, or have understood but just carry on as if there is no climate change.

All our actions must be directed towards reducing our carbon emissions as much as possible. I will show many examples, at the product level as well as at the behavioral level, of how each of us can (and must) reduce our ecological footprint.