The Band has grown together in the course of the project, actually from the day we started producing the first songs.


Initiated by myself, calling me the senior citizen, as I’m not the youngest but hopefully still have some years to go. And I simply wanted to do my bit to help save our earth. I provide lyrics and finance the production of our songs. I love music and I can express myself perfectly in the lyrics. Even though I am an upbeat person, the mood in my songs is mainly negative, because there are too many mad developments on our Earth.

I have travelled all over the globe for business. The last 17 years I have sold solar products and developed large-scale solar plants all over the globe. I have seen all the potential and at the same time I have seen the sad reality, namely the dominance of fossil fuels and an ever-growing interest in gas and coal power plants. And I have seen all the issues resulting out of population growth in the Global South and the ignorance of all the local politicians when it comes to resolving real issues in their countries. I am a businessman and I see a great business potential in setting out to save the earth. We see examples like insurers not covering any coal power and nuclear plants any more or investment funds refusing to buy into dirty technologies anymore. Sadly, that’s the exception rather than the rule, so let’s together make it the rile.

In addition, I am deeply troubled by the social crisis that is growing as fast as the ecological crisis world-wide. The ever-greater divide between the very rich and the poor, concentration of money and power in the hands of a very few and the more or less helpless situation of a large mass of people. Could there be a greater threat to our communities, to our sense of community. This cuts me to the quick and I have the strong desire to express this in the one or the other way in our songs.


Jan Rase is a music producer and a multi-instrumentalist. As a keyboarder and saxophonist, he’s played in numerous bands whose stylistic diversity ranged from Metal / Funk to Jazz and World Music.

He composes and produces film music and works on numerous other projects besides in his own sound studio at

As a studio musician, Jan has worked with the well-known dancehall / reggae band „Seeed“, among others.

His concert tours have taken him as far afield as Italy, France and Japan.

In our project he composes the music, plays different instruments and mixes everything, transforming lyrics into perfectly arranged sounds.


As a musician, singer, composer and music therapist, Petra encounters music in her life in a colorful and manifold way.

She played clarinet with Entrada, an improvisation trio, and sang in various projects from Jazz to Dubstep Rock with her own singer-songwriter project Mohn.

In the Tonicum-Music team, she interprets different music styles depending on hat the respective customer needs.

She also works as a music therapist and educationalist, and is a leader in a wide variety of music groups with people of all ages.

In our project, Petra is the lead singer. She enriches the songs with her sonorous vocals and her passionate delivery.