The Mission

We are fed up with the bullshit we face in the news every day. We want to express our frustration, we want to point our fingers at the problems, we want to jolt people sharply awake and make them realize what is happening on our one and only earth. We cannot wait for politicians to solve the problems of our earth. It is time to take things into our hands. All the demonstrations lead to awareness but not to enough specific action in a desirable extent. We want to reach as many people as possible with our music, the sustainability show and our guidelines and though welcome them onboard our train for sustainability.

We not only need to change our own behavior. We need to pile the pressure on industries to act sustainably. If they won’t change, we have to highlight the alternatives; that way we can convince industries to change towards sustainability. And if they do not follow? Well, then we must refuse to buy their products and find ways to do it ourselves. We have to create a new competition towards sustainability.

How shall we achieve all of this? We believe that we have to grow a strong organization that impacts on all relevant fields of business. Top down first on the most relevant businesses and then diving down into business that spares the environment, that realizes natural resources are not things to be frittered away for money today, but need to be conserved because they belong to all future generations as well.

We need committed people who do not only demonstrate but develop proposals for industries and help us to build pressure on industries to adopt such measures or push them to themselves develop similar steps that achieve the same result. And we need sponsors who help us finance any development work for such measures. Every such development can become a business, one that generates money for further developments. This way, everybody who joins or sponsors has the chance to generate a sustainable and profitable business that at the same time helps to rescue our Earth.

Our glorious politicians discuss the need to boost defense budgets, by claiming that global political threats have grown. At the same time no one creates any budgets to install all those renewable energy sources and storage solutions which we desperately need to combat climate change, which is the real threat that we face all over the globe. They leave that up to businesspeople. How insane can politicians be?

Not to forget that there are other threats which urgently need to be addressed. A big one is population growth in the Global South. This challenge has been known for over 50 years and for some reason no one dares address this huge issue. Education and birth control should be the leading topics on any conference that is related to such areas. What is it we hear, instead? The forecast for population growth and exhortations to expand infrastructure accordingly.

The reality is that the number of people living in poverty grows roughly by the same rate the population grows. This leads to deforestation in all such countries because all those poor people need space to grow crops and to harvest firewood for their cooking. And it leads to crime, to ethnic conflicts, terrorism and wars. And all we do is sit back comfortable in our armchairs and ignore it as well as we can.

Sure, there are now efforts to combat climate change. Some at the political level, some by industry. However, those endeavors are far too slow and are not coherent enough to achieve the urgently needed results. A few people, but unfortunately only a very few, have started changing their behavior in favor of a more sustainable lifestyle. This has to become a big, worldwide movement.