Reforestation Projects

Reforestation Projects

Our approach for sustainability in developing countries is holistic scalable. We will work off community by community, in one country first and then hopefully country by country. We look into areas where deforestation happens due to demand for firewood and need for additional agricultural land due to population growth.

We would do the following steps in every community to achieve our targets:

  • Do a social assessment
  • Assess the number of households and sizes of families
  • Offer measures for family planning
  • Provide units consisting of a solar panel, a battery and an electric cooker in a number sufficient for all households to cook electric or where applicable install a central solar system and batteries and cookers at each household
  • Provide bicycles for children if the way to school is too far to walk and no public transportation is available
  • Reforest the areas that have been destroyed for the harvest of firewood with strong involvement of the community

Everybody can contribute here. It will be worth the money.

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