The internet is good and bad at the same time.

Good because people have access to information and to cheap communication channels. Emails are more efficient than letters and online news reading is more efficient than having a newspaper. Phone conferences, video conferences and home office are much more sustainable solutions than all the travel related with personal meetings and office work.

Bad because people are searching and streaming all day long 7 days a week. Data centers all over the world are consuming massive amounts of energy. Streaming music online consumes much more energy than having music stored on your own device.

We make demand to data centers to

  • Select their locations at – or shift their existing locations to – points where renewable energy production is efficient
  • Invest in or make power purchase agreements for renewable energy and energy storage for their operation
  • Streamline their services towards energy efficient download of music, movies etc. instead of 24 hour online streaming availabilities

We make demand to consumers to

  • Avoid online streaming as much as possible
  • Use the internet at a reasonable extent, not all day long

We make demand to companies to

  • Use phone and video conferences rather than causing travels for personal meetings
  • Allow as much home office for your employees as reasonably possible

> Automotive

> Food Business

> Air Traffic

> Cruise Ships

> Soccer

 > Internet