Car manufacturing and car driving combined are the largest source of emissions. The ongoing discussion about solutions is not broad enough. Just switching from fuel to electric drives and selling as much cars as possible, big part of them as SUV´s is not the solution. The market is driven by an emotional mindset of consumers and manufacturers supporting and using those emotions to maximize their profits. Cars have to be big, fancy and with lots of extras. This is wrong. Cars have to be efficient, designed to fulfill their purpose. The less material we use in the manufacturing of cars, the less energy it will consume, the less emissions it will cause through manufacturing, the less material you need for the maintenance. Lightweight cars with thinner tires will also produce less wear from tires and though reduce the emission of rubber. Do not replace a fuel driven limousine by an electric driven limousine. Replace it by an efficient, light weight electric driven car. Do not buy a new car as long as the car industry does not provide such kind of cars. They stick on their old business models as long as they can and we are dumb enough to follow them.

We make demand to the car manufacturers to shift their business models in a number of ways:

  • Use 100% renewable energies in their manufacturing process. Either produce the energy themselves or make power purchase contracts with suppliers of renewable energies
  • Oblige their suppliers to do the same
  • Design efficient lightweight cars
  • Stop manufacturing of fossil fuel driven cars asap
  • Stop manufacturing SUV´s

And please, please, stop supporting Formula 1.

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