Air Traffic

Air Traffic

Air Traffic is evil. It is evil because the market is still growing without any noticeable emission reduction programs put in place to date.

And the politicians do not pay the right attention. Why are taxes on fuels for cars higher than taxes on aerospace kerosene? In fact, they don’t even recognize that taxes on fuels for cars are not too high at all – they are still way too low! While the taxes on kerosene – they are just a joke.

Incentives to build more and more new regional airports is another immense political error. Taxpayers pay money, airlines take it, and at the end they often simply head elsewhere, the airport stands as good as empty, and gobbles up money incessantly.

Airlines serve drinks and food in plastic. In business and first class they use porcelain and glass. Why not in economy class as well? Why do they have to produce tons of waste every hour while at the same time producing carbon dioxide emissions by the second?

We demand that airlines

  • Invest in the development of electric-powered aircrafts for short-haul flights.
  • Invest in the development of hydrogen-powered aircrafts for medium and long-haul flights.
  • Invest themselves or make long term supply contracts with developers for the production of green hydrogen from sea water and renewable energies
  • Use only multi usable packaging, cups, plates and cutlery on all their flights

We demand that aircraft makers

  • manufacture aircrafts on a zero-emission-principle and guarantee their suppliers do the same
  • shift their product portfolio completely to electric or hydrogen-powered aircraft within the next 5-10 years

We demand that airports

  • invest in charging infrastructure for electric aircraft
  • invest in infrastructure to fuel aircrafts with hydrogen

Last but not least, we demand that consumers

  • avoid flights and switch to trains as far as is reasonably possible.

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